Steroids Persuasive Speech

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44% of teens say that it is very or fairly easy for them to obtain steroids even though they don’t have a doctor’s prescription for them. There are many different ways people use/ abuse steroids, but not enough people are educated on this topic and don’t know any of the effects they have on the body. Young amature athletes are getting hurt from the lack of knowledge of steroids. Many factors go into why a teenager starts using steroids, and that’s from lack of education.
Anabolic Steroids is the synthetic form of the male chemical testosterone. Anabolic Steroids work by helping the body's muscle cells produce more protein. However, this process is only effective if the athlete is working out. The outcome is shown physically by increased muscle size and strength. Internally, at the same time, also allows the body to produce more ATP, which is what the muscles need in order to move.
Steroids have
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That’s 42.8 million students a year who won’t know a thing about steroids. Out of those kids, some of them will be faced with the choice to use steroids or not, and if they don’t have any idea about the harmful effects of steroids, they are much more likely to use/abuse them and get hurt. All it takes is one unit in health class for people to be a little informed and know the effects.
There are different way we could improve the teaching of steroids. You could just use textbooks and lectures. Or you could use a movie like “Bigger Stronger Faster” which shows the difference between twin brothers, one who uses steroids and the other who doesn’t. You could bring in someone who has abused steroids and have them talk to the class about how it’s changed them and harmed them. Or finally, have a cop come in and talk to the class. He would be able to inform them that being caught with steroids could land you a year in jail, or if you decide to traffic steroids you could go to jail for five

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