The Dangers Of Using Steroids In Sports

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Steroids are used by people in order to build muscle and strength. Athletes use them to gain a competitive advantage on the field. Using steroids can help them hit that long home run or break that tackle for a touchdown. There are effects, mentally and physically because of taking steroids which possibly some athletes do not know about when they take them. Steroids are ruining sports and other competitive events because athletes take them to be successful without thinking of the consequences and threats of using steroids.
Steroids are drugs that increase the training ability of an athlete. There are two commonly known steroids; Androgenic and anabolic steroids. Androgenic develop male sexual characteristics, such as body hair, a deep voice
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Extreme use of steroids can disrupt the body’s normal hormone levels and chemistry of the body. Problems with heart are most common. An increase in heart rate, high blood pressure and an increased risk of stroke (Gale Encyclopedia 165). Woman taking steroids are putting themselves at risk of being permanently damaging their reproductive systems. Women who are pregnant and take steroids can greatly harm the health of an unborn child (“Short History” 11). The kidney, liver, and prostate glands are most affected because cancer is most common in these places. Steroids also have an effect on the mental health. They may cause major mood swings, an inability to sleep well, depression, and a hostile feeling. Steroid use in young peoples has been known to cause extreme violence. Even though many people understand these dreadful effects, steroids are still taken. As well as these harsh mental and physical effects, steroids also have risks in how they are made and distributed. Steroids are usually made in bathrooms, motel rooms, and warehouses. The cleanliness of steroids is not managed so risk of disease is increased (Gale Encyclopedia 166). Drugs in general can lead to use of other drugs. Same thing with steroids. Those recovering from anabolic steroid use may turn to other drugs to try and alleviate negative side effects of anabolic steroids getting themselves addicted to those other drugs (Anabolic Steroid …show more content…
There are many steroids that are available as medicines such as nasal sprays and injections (TInkelman, David). Steroids were first developed to treat people suffering from malnourishment following a surgery and to benefit healing (“Steroids”). The conditions in which the body’s defense system is malfunctions are helped by steroids. Steroids are used in certain inflammatory conditions. Low doses of Steroids can provide a significant relief from pain and stiffness for people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. A severe flare up of arthritis can be helped by high doses of steroids (“Steroids to treat

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