Why Steroids Should Be Illegal Essay

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Why are steroids even illegal?
Anabolic steroid use is a taboo subject in today’s society because of federal laws prohibiting them, sports federations banning them, and the talk of severe medical consequences both real and fake risks that can happen as a result of steroid use. Despite those risks of using them, the use of anabolics is increasing and athletes are getting bigger and better. There are many questions to be answered on the subject such as, what effect do steroids cause in the body, to why steroids are illegal. The problem is that steroids are illegal, why are steroids illegal and is there a legitimate reason why they should be illegal compared to other legal risks.
Why people use steroids
Individuals take steroids for a variety of different reasons. Most commonly individuals use steroids for performance or putting on lean muscle mass. Steroids have also been used since they were created to treat patients with sicknesses that made them weaker such as Aids. Men that have low levels of testosterone and women that want to acquire men features can do hormone therapy where they can receive testosterone injections. “The good news is there is treatment and we can largely reverse every single negative effect associated with this problem (low testosterone) and the truth is it is rather a
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People with proper education on steroids can effectively use them with no risk. Steroids do not impair judgement, vision and have medical value. Steroids are legally available to older men and women that want to take on men features. It is not fair to allow them to use and cut out other adult men, and women that want to benefit from the positives that steroids can bring them. If steroids were legal the world would be a better place in that people that are caught with steroids will not take up space in prisons that murderers and thieves deserve to be. It would also help clear out the false ideologies created by ignorance of knowledge on

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