Why Are Steroids Bad

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Steroids can help in many different ways, and a lot of people have strong opinions on it. Some people think they can be useful for people that don't have a lot of muscle, and it can also be useful if you are overweight, it can make you lose a lot of weight in a much shorter amount of time. But then there's also some people who think that they are bad for you, and that you shouldn't take them because of all the harmful side effects they can cause if you use them poorly or abuse how much is needed. They also worry that the use of modified designer steroids that can worsen some side effects and how the primary use for them can change or get worse. In my opinion, I think they are bad and you shouldn't use them because the only good things that come with them is an increase in strength and allow you to lose weight but the side effects is a larger list of different effects for the two genders. But then you can use them with less risk if you use as directed and not overdosing or misusing it but you run into a little risk of still being affected by some of the side effects like roid rage which is an increase of anger when on steroids, And it’s the most …show more content…
People use steroids for many reasons. They can use them to make themselves look intimidating or just to build up muscles way faster than usual. Athletes can also use them to have an unfair advantage by bulking up and being tougher and hoping it will improve their performance but they also have to worry about drug tests. Some designer drugs like Tetrahydrogestrinone can avoid detection from these drug test but this is still risky because technology is improving to detect it. There are different types of ways to take in steroids but the most popular is the injection from a needle. They are also illegal in the USA so it will be hard to find some if you want to try it. They are illegal because of all the unwanted side effects it can have if you abuse it or overdose on

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