Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Asian Americans Essay

708 Words Apr 19th, 2016 3 Pages
A stereotype is commonly referred to as an exaggerated generalization of a group. This generalization ultimately depicts the group/culture in a negative manner. Stereotypes are present in every sector of society, especially within the media. Stereotypes can be influenced by one’s opinion of a certain group and how their actions are perceived by a member of another group. Stereotypes are often negative; yet, the media discreetly implements them into movies and television shows. These stereotypical images are present in the media and can often go unnoticed. For instance, how would one perceive an Asian American in the media? The roles assigned to Asian Americans are typically of an intelligent; yet, “nerdy” individual. This depiction may seem positive; however, it undoubtedly characterizes this group as intelligent beings with nothing else to offer. Another common stereotype associated to this group consists of Asians being bad drivers. Asian Americans are portrayed as “good at everything” except for their driving skills. An exemplification of this in the media can be viewed in the television show Family Guy in which an Asian woman is depicted driving in traffic, making swift lane changes and causing numerous traffic violations. Though this generalization can be true to some extent, it stigmatizes the entire group as bad drivers because of the traits assigned to this particular individual. Schaefer (2015), addresses that stereotypes often arise from one’s willingness to assign…

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