Essay on Steel Magnolias Movie Analysis

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Steel Magnolias is a great movie of love, laughter, and tears. It features six strong-willed woman who "are the Steel Magnolias of the tittle…” as Roger Ebert says. The women dealt with many set backs in life, but no matter what they kept their southern grace and charm in tact at all times. In the film one of the main set backs is Shelby, one of the “Steel Magnolias” (Julia Roberts), fighting with diabetes. Shelby’s diabetes is so bad she’s not supposed to have children due to the strains it would put on her body. Although there is a risk and against her mother’s will Shelby is determined to go though with the pregnancy. In the movie Shelby must choose between having a baby, which is one of the greatest moments in a woman’s life, or …show more content…
Mean while M’lynn tells Truvy and Clairee that the doctor told Shelby that she wouldn’t be able to ever have children. To me these two scenes are crucial because they show how not being able to have children can affect ones life. Due to the fact Jackson wants children though Shelby is not well enough to have one she thinks by going through with the wedding it would ruin Jacksons life.
While the movie progresses from Shelby’s wedding to her coming home for Christmas Shelby has a little surprise for her parents. Shelby and her mom are talking about what they’re giving and getting for Christmas and when Shelby tells her mom she’s getting furniture her surprise finally surfaces. Shelby tells her its furniture for the nursery because she’s pregnant. M’Lynn’s facial expressions clearly shows that she’s not happy about the fact of Shelby’s pregnancy. M’Lynn then ask what Jackson thinks about it and Shelby proceeds to tell her that he’s overly excited that he don’t care if its boy or girl and its all he can think about! Furious enough M’lynn ask if Jackson listens when the doctors and specialist give advice and that he probably doesn’t care seeing how he doesn’t have to carry the baby. This scene is important to me because it shows how Shelby is happy about the finding out that she’s pregnant yet her mother M’Lynn isn’t as happy due to the health risk it could cause

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