When Born In May Analysis

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January: If born in January, you are independent, serious, and stubborn. You are an analytical outgoing leader. When faced with a choice, you take the safe (but sometimes boring) route that almost always has the good outcome. The glazed donut is the perfect birth donut for all people born in January. You can never go wrong with glazed donuts due to their tasteful simplicity. Even though they are plain and boring, the glazed donut is the right decision.

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February: Like January, people born in February have qualities that belong to leaders. They are humble and intelligent, but when put in a difficult position, they can become rebellious and aggressive. Those born in February believe that they can achieve their goals by being daring and working hard. If born
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Self-expression is very important to you and you take pride in all of your talents. You love socializing and telling others about yourself. You also enjoy nature and the outdoors because you like the spring and the warm weather. The flower donut captures all of the personality traits of people born in May. The flower shape is perfect for you because you stand out in the middle of a crowd, you socialize like a blooming flower, and you like to express yourself differently. This donut is the one for those born in May.

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June: If born in June, you are a kind, sympathetic, polite, caring person. You respect all people, especially your elders, and you’re very sensitive. The old fashioned donut is the donut for those born in June due to the simplicity. Those born in June act like they live in the 1900s when good parenting and respectful kids were in abundance. The old fashioned donut is the donut for those born in June due to the amount of character traits that the old fashion donut and those born in June have in common.

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