Stealing The Hard Work Of Stars Essay

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Stealing the hard work of Stars

"Hello" by Adele is a recent hit song widely heard and played since its release in October. Adele is known for her powerful voice and inspirational breakup songs. The songs that artists like Adele create are used to make a living. When people download illegal music online or use the music of other artists and not pay for the song, one is essentially stealing the artist 's hard work. In 1991, when the case of the music groups Negativland/U2 occurred, it was a chance for an artist to fight for what was theirs. In the case, Negativland sampled a song by U2 without permission and U2 and Island productions then sued them for this. The court made the decision that this was a violation of the copyright law. I affirm the decision of the lower court that Negativland violated copyright law. The case of Negativland vs. U2 also helped artists secure copyright over their music and made enforcing permission for usage of music more than just a courtesy for artists. Negativland is a group of artist who 's 1991 single caused a great controversy for its sampling of different songs, especially U2 's song "I Still Haven 't Found What I 'm Looking For." In Negativland 's single the song was easily recognizable as U2 's song and Negativland even used the name U2 for their single’s cover. Negativland was sued for violating trademark law on U2 's trademark name and song. The courts decided that Negativland had violated…

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