Statement Of Purpose William Benjamin Ward Essay

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Statement of Purpose-William Benjamin Ward
I am pursuing a Ph.D in Business Administration with a Management (Organizational Behavior & Human Resources) concentration. My career objective is to become a tenured professor at a quality research and teaching school. Through both my undergraduate studies (Sociology) and graduate studies (MBA in Human Resources) I have tailored my educational experience in a manner that is very complementary to OB & HR coursework. This was by intention because the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, and the setting of an organization (Business) drive my interests. My intended research at this point is very micro-oriented, which is on first-generation college students entering the workplace, and minorities and Millennials in the workplace. However, my interests are anything but limited, they begin to expand as I desire to conduct research on these demographic segments in particular subjects such as job search, recruitment, differing motivation/ incentives, newcomer adjustment, person-organization fit, social/human capital, soft skills, and status loss. Being that I am a Mexican-American, a first-generation college student, and a Millennial I find these demographic segments very important, but not only to me, but to others that fall under any of these three categories. Currently, there is a paucity of research in top management journals on the transition of first-generation college students from the university into an applied setting, thus…

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