Statement Of Purpose To Study Chemistry

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My choice to pursue chemistry with an opportunity to study overseas directly comes from my enthusiasm to pursue a career in a chemistry based field and a chance to address my personal development. Studying undergraduate chemistry with a foundation year would facilitate an expedited route into tertiary education given the current situation I face with my A levels and presents a preferable option for advancing my career path.

Studying Chemistry with a foundation years offers me the opportunity to accelerate into an area of study that I’m not only passionate and eager to broaden my understanding of, but is also a chance to develop my learning in an individual environment. Studying chemistry at A level has been an exciting addition to knowledge
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For example the reactions of amino acids and proteins, which I have studied in tandem with chemistry. However biology provides a different angle of approach to studying these topics and learning to adapt to both the similarities and differences between the two subjects has been beneficial in reinforcing my understanding of both. Grasping the scale of biological systems has been fascinating. Learning how each system can be reliant or relied on by another is …show more content…
My recent experience working in culinary and hospitality areas was a chance to hone the professional skills I had previously gained but in a high pressure and demanding atmosphere. Being able to quickly react to issues in the workplace, work to strict deadlines and stay organised and efficient during busy periods was essential not only to my own work but also that of my team. I took every opportunity to get time in the kitchen preparing and presenting food working closely with my Head Chef and sought time outside of my working hours to get this experience as I enjoyed gaining skills that could be applied in everyday life. I also recently enrolled in a one on one barista training course with Strangers Coffee, a top local barista and roastery, with the intention to upskill

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