Statement Of Purpose For A Career In Medicine

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Throughout my life, learning more about the medical field has consistently secured my decision to pursue this path. Initially, my mother sparked my interests. After immigrating to the United States and passing her Nurse-Licensing Exam, she has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years, exposing me to the medical field at an early age. She would often tell me, “The most important aspect of my job is helping my patients by advocating for their individual needs.” The compassion she displays towards her patients continues to inspire me today. Her example has encouraged me to follow my ambitions and seek out a profession that provides a sense of fulfillment.
Growing up, I developed a passion for science, particularly biology, understanding
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Often patients had little to no scientific background, and initially, I was apprehensive of my ability to properly explain the study and obtain consent. However, the more I conversed with patients and understood their various upbringings, the more I became comfortable in explaining this study and ease any concerns they may have had. Such experiences opened my eyes to the importance in overcoming barriers and educational differences in clinical …show more content…
Since the foundation in 2009, I have been the captain of an all-male dance team called Furteelay Shokeen. Our team began as a group of high school students practicing in my basement to becoming a professional and nationally recognized team consisting of 30+ members. While competing at national and international competitions, winning 1st place was not our only victory. Overcoming challenges that are presented in leading, managing, and encouraging a group of people was far more rewarding. Dancing is a creative process, in which differences and roadblocks can often arise. I learned how to understand opposing viewpoints and incorporate these differences into achieving a collective vision. I enjoyed facing all these challenges, being placed outside my comfort zone, and forcing myself to think differently. Through this creative process, the skill-set I have developed is an excellent match for

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