Starbucks Should Implement A Rigorous Evaluation Of Their Workforce Requirements

809 Words Sep 21st, 2014 4 Pages
Sometimes less is more. This cliché is often used in common speech to indicate that focusing on doing fewer things, but doing them well is a superior option than attempting to do more and lessening the appearance of quality. In this case study, we are presented with a company built around selling coffee that expanded their product offerings, and watched their sales fall as a result. The key for Starbucks to regain their lost market share is returning to their roots by providing a superior coffee drinking experience and not focusing on trying to expand into the breakfast food market. In addition, Starbucks should implement a rigorous evaluation of their workforce requirements, policies, and metrics to evaluate these key human resources. Just like the organization as a whole, the workers at Starbucks need to focus on executing a few basic job tasks to a high degree of proficiency. For Starbucks, less is more. Coffee itself is little more than a caffeine delivery system for the human body. For some, caffeine is a part of everyday life, for other an occasional pick-me up. While there is no doubt that some coffee beans are of higher quality than others , the reason a company like Starbucks can charge more for their product is not the beans themselves, nor their preparation. Like many other brands, Starbucks is in the business of selling experiences (Kotler, 2009). This experience is based around not only the coffee they sell, but the customer service…

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