The F Word By Firoozeh Dumas Analysis

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Being American means eating a hot dog while enjoying a baseball game or barbequing some pork ribs when celebrating a fourth of July. Our food and eating habits represent the culture we identify ourselves with. Cultures are represented by their different ethnic foods. There are a lot of foods that represent our American culture. The all American hamburgers, steak, sandwiches, hot dogs, and the traditional turkey.

What does it mean to be an American? To be American means to be free and to live in the United States of America, the land of opportunities. After the discovery of America, there was a lot of immigrants coming from around the world. The American culture was influenced by all the different cultures that came from
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Dumas says “I’ve heard, she might meet an immigrant or two, who knows, she just might have to make some room in her spice cabinet.” Dumas refers to the different ethnics as spices we can add to our spice cabinet.
The American culture is characterized by specific foods that help us demonstrate or celebrate important values in the American culture. An important tradition America celebrates is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday marked by a traditional meal, that includes turkey. Thanksgiving commemorates a harvest festival, celebrated by the pilgrims. It is a special event of gratitude for a special meal they will be having. The pilgrims shared their meal with the native Indians, and this gesture showed us it is a time of sharing our food with people that are less fortunate than us. American families see this holiday as a time to get together to give thanks for having each other, food, and health. Thanksgiving is an important
American culture value because we have to pass on to our young that is important to help
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Mexican families living in America will have turkey with sides of rice and beans, instead of mashed potatoes. The American tradition will be kept, but a little adjustment will be made to add a personal custom.
Thanksgiving is an elaborated dinner, since the turkey takes hours and hours of cooking. Grocery stores are working hard at selling precooked Thanksgiving dinners. Dinner packages that include the entire dinner are put together, and all that is needed is to be warmed at home. The advertising tells us that we should not waste time in the kitchen when we can be enjoying our family time. Media tells us the important part of this holiday is bonding, and let others worry about the cooking. This idea fits perfect in America, since in America a fast paced world is lived. Most Americans are engaged in a lot of commitments, whether it be job or family related. It is a convenience to have microwavable foods, precooked dinners, and fast food restaurants; since they serve in our demands of fast, or on-the-go meals. Grocery manufacturers have created convenient foods for us. Kellogg’s offers a cereal bar to make breakfast less hectic. Also driving through the Starbucks on the way to work is the

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