The Story Of The Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser

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Register to read the introduction… Fast food employees are deceived by the business just as much as the people who consume fast food. One out of every eight workers in the United States has by some point in time been employed by McDonald's alone. (p.4) With the increased intake of fast food, has come the increased intake of profit for franchise owners. This in turn allows them to hire more employees and add to the work force. A typical fast food employee is an adolescent who is under the age of twenty. He or she will lack full time employment, receive no benefits, learn few job skills, and float from job to job on a regular basis. The typical fast food worker quits or is fired every three to four months. Schlosser tells the story of an adolescent Taco Bell employee who regularly worked seventy to eighty hours a week but was only paid for forty. The restaurants manager manipulated the employer's time card in order to receive a productivity bonus. Stemming from robbery attempts, in one year more restaurant workers were murdered in the United States than police officers. McDonald's is one of the most anti-union companies in the world. Currently, not even one of its 15,000 restaurants is represented by a union. …show more content…
One of the best parts of the book is Schlosser's portrayal of the alienation of millions of low paid employees. We, of the fast food nation no longer know what we are eating and our lack of knowledge endangers us. As Americans, we are a nation of hamburger and French fry eaters. American citizens should have the right to know the truth about what we consume into our bodies and Eric Schlosser is second to none by providing us these gruesome details. I think that Eric Schlosser will be the Upton Sinclair of our generation and this book will have huge historical and social impacts as the years go by; especially since the severity of consequences concerning mad cow disease still remains uncertain. This book should be read by everyone who is able to understand it. People should and can be fed without being fattened or deceived. As a reader, once you know the facts, it is pretty hard to feel happy about your kid's next happy

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