Starbucks Vs Dunkin Donuts Case Study

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If one needs a coffee to kick start their day, the options for where to get their fix are almost limitless. But even with the rise of local coffee shops or other fast food chains, there is a high chance for one to grab their brew at Starbucks or Dunkin ' Donuts. They are both worldwide coffeehouse chains that are still continuing to grow. Although they may seem like just an average joe store, they both have pros and cons in each cup. The largest dispute is whether or not these coffee consumers are getting their daily grind at Dunkin ' Donuts or at Starbucks. What matters most when choosing where to stop for the cup of joe is the cost, service, and variety.
Whether it is a small or tall, drinking coffee daily can add up. But if one has to have their morning fix, one has to have it. So, consumers are willing to spend the money. Prices vary depending on what drink
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They tend to serve more food, unlike Starbucks. But, Starbucks does have hidden menu items that can be ordered by special request. Other than focusing on just coffee like Starbucks, Dunkin ' specializes in serving donuts. Dunkin ' Donuts appears to have a concrete menu. Whereas, Starbucks availability of menu items vary by location, season, and store size. Not all beverages, food items, or alcohol are offered at every Starbucks locations.
Looking at them side by side, they both provide a coffee fix. As one would expect, the pros tend to weigh out the cons. These two companies have a very distinct brand identity. One has a pink and orange average joe logo versus a green, upscale, west coast company with fancy names. If price is not an issue for the consumer, Starbucks has the whole package. Starbucks goes above and beyond to provide the best customer satisfaction. The variety and quality Starbucks serves stands at a higher level than Dunkin ' Donuts. In this brewing battle, it all comes down to the consumer 's personal

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