Stand Up For What America Needs Essay

2031 Words Nov 9th, 2016 9 Pages
Stand Up for What America Needs It is very upsetting that in the world today that we have to live in, we have disagreements about topics like this. Some say that these new gun control laws are messing with our rights to bear arms which is stated in our Second Amendment. We have the right to bear arms. It is our constitutional right and no one or no thing should tamper with it. There is a lot of crime in this world and a lot of it associates with gun use, but taking away guns isn’t the best option. Putting restrictions and so forth on the use of buying and selling of guns is the best way to go. Many arguments out there say that if they were to allow someone to have a gun then it will automatically turn into a murder or big crime. Whatever happened to having a gun locked up at home for the sake of protection? Many of these issues are ignored and need to be brought to the attention of America’s people. It is time that people understand what the government is trying to do with the Second Amendment; stand against gun laws. Usually gun control hasn’t been a very big topic. But recently, since all of the mass and school shootings and crime rates in general have gone up. It is time to get a move on with the laws and bring it to attention (“10 Arguments For and Against Gun Control”). About 22% of all Americans own a gun in America. The United States has about 89 guns per every 100 Americans. Some say guns are part of every American 's right to bear arms. For self defense, a gun…

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