Essay on St. Jude's Research Hospital - Persuasive Speech

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“Shortly after Hayden’s fifth birthday, he began having headaches and nausea. At first, the doctor thought he had migraines and asked his mother to keep a record of when his head hurt. After only a short period of time, Hayden’s headaches grew more frequent. Then, he began having trouble with the vision in his right eye causing him to see double. It was at this point, his mother knew there was a bigger issue at hand.
Hayden was referred to an ophthalmologist for further testing. When the doctor examined Hayden’s eyes closely, he saw abnormal swelling and immediately ordered a CT scan. The results were upsetting: There was a mass on Hayden’s brain. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor, after which a biopsy
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The Susan G Koman Foundation is much smaller than St. Jude’s when talking about total revenue. Susan G Koman foundation keeps their general and administrative expenses well below 10% of their annual revenue in order to give back through outreach programs and funding valuable research. * The CEO for the American Cancer Society has an income of almost a million dollars a year. reported in 1988 that the American Cancer Society was the world’s wealthiest non-profit institution. Only 26% went to medical research programs and the rest to operating expenses which included about 60% for generous salaries, pensions, executive benefits and overhead. Nationally, less that 16 percent of all money raised is spent on direct services to cancer victims. * The CEO for St. Jude’s Research Hospital has an income that’s less than 200,000 a year. In 2009, 74% of St. Jude’s revenue went to patient care, research and education, training and community services, 17% to fundraising and only 9 percent to administrative costs.
Why do I tell you these numbers? According to the August 2010 Charity Navigator CEO Compensation Study, the average median income for the CEO of a Charity is in the 100,000 to 200,000 dollar annual income range and it is considered healthy to pay income for CEO’s rather than expect free services for a number of reasons. The differences in the percentages of revenue going to research, treatment or administrative expenses tell the

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