What Is Casemix Based Funding In The Health Care Industry

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1) Funding in Health Care Industry

Australian health care industry is funded from various sources, reflecting the treatments and health services provided by the hospitals. There are two types of funding systems are worked in Australia, the casemix based funding and another is fixed per diem based funding. Most of the government and privet hospitals are used the casemix based funding system though there are some hospitals who used fixed per diem base funding system.  Casemix funding : Now a day’s most of the public and private hospitals used this funding system. Casemix funding model is based on output funding model. It is also known as activity based funding model. Casemix classifications put patients
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It is also useful for clinical research, financial management, identifying the epidemiological pattern and disease trends.
- Casemix system using the DRGs increase the number of admissions and decrease the average length of stay.

• Disadvantages
- This system focused on profitable patients who provided less care, admit more patients and shortens the length of stay despite the quality of care provided to each patient episode.

 Fixed per diem based funding Some of the private hospitals still uses the fixed per diem based funding model. This funding model works on the basis of funding a fixed amount is paid by the person’s per day of hospital stay and the health services delivered by the hospital.
• Advantages
- This system is helpful to the hospital to reduce the cost of the procedures and increase the length of stay.
• Disadvantages
- This will be helpful to reduce the cost of the procedure but increase the average stay of the patient so the extra cost has to pay by patient to hospital. Compared to these the casemix system works better because it provides quality of care in a
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These coded information used for various purposes for e.g. determine hospital funding, patients need for healthcare resources, clinical statistics and epidemiological studies, clinical research and education etc. The coding is performed by highly qualified health information managers or clinical coders after discharge. In that the authorized health personal must describe all the procedures in the code format. If the health personal did the mistake in coding regarding healthcare delivery then the patient has to pay extra for the services which he/she has not provided. The miscoding conduct when the medical staff is not provides the accurate information regarding patient’s disease condition as well as patient treatments particular procedures in a clear way after that the faulty information goes to the health information manager of the hospital and then he gives a wrong codes and that will affect to the patient in their payment as well as some times patient gets wrong treatment for their disease condition and this will be affect the patient

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