Spritual Leader Interview Essay

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Module 4 Essay
Spiritual Leader Interview
Kelly J. Allman
Grand Canyon University
HLT 324
April 10, 2011

The term “Culture" can have many varying meanings, traditionally, it is thought of as the shared beliefs, traditions, religious practices and values of an ethnic group; or the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior of a particular nation or people. Culture can also be defined as people with shared beliefs and practices: or a group of people whose shared beliefs and practices identify the particular place, class, or time (era) to which they belong. It can also be defined as the shared attitudes or particular set of attitudes that can characterize an ethnic or religious group of people. Culture is also art, music,
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And you know the way here I am going.” (John 14:1-4, 1972, p. 101) This bible passage is the foundation of the belief that all Christians share in regards to death, and the belief of an afterlife and heaven.
I sat down and discussed with Reverend Doctor Mark J. Molldrem, the Senior Pastor of First Evangelical Lutheran Church, his thoughts and experiences over the years in regards to dying, death and a person’s religious and spiritual beliefs.
Dr. Molldrem’s thoughts on the subject of spirituality are that spirituality comes from within, from the heart and the mind. Having a sense of connection to the universe and being grateful to God for all the blessings in life. Religion is more a physical expression of a person’s spirituality.
One cannot be a Christian “alone”. A person needs to have a connection to a congregation, and to partake in Holy Communion. Expressing beliefs through singing and praying, as well as by intentionally serving others. All of this is fed by one’s spirituality. A person’s spirituality and religious beliefs also determine their beliefs about death and dying. As well as will determine how they want to be honored at their funeral.
Our church has a special relationship with Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church, our “sister church”, in Monrovia, Liberia. Dr. Molldrem and a delegation of member’s recently

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