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How Sports Prepare You for Real World Situations

Playing sports as a high school student comes with positive and negative situations. Whatever the situation may be, learning from it is key. Participating in high school sports prepares you for the real world in multiple ways. Throughout high school, I have been involved in many different school activities including athletics. Sports are an important part of learning teamwork, time management, leadership as well as communication.

Teamwork is a skill that is learned by being around and working with other people. Teamwork is achieved when everyone on the team is working toward a common goal and each player learns how their performance impacts the rest of the team. Athletes must find their
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From the first time I began playing volleyball, I had to learn how to manage my time with school, work, and homework after school. School has always been my top priority. It was the beginning of sophomore year and I had just began my first AP class. On top of that, I had just switched schools and had just began playing on a new volleyball team, not to mention I was working at a fast food restaurant. The homework was beginning to pile up on top of everything else. We were playing three games a week and other other nights that I didn’t have volleyball games, I had practice. As far as school and homework, I began to fall behind and my grades began dropping. I eventually realized it was time to step up and prioritize all of these extra things I was involved in. I understood that my school should continue to be my top priority, so I created a list of all of the homework assignments I had each night and I put the assignments due first on top of the list. When I had away games, I would use my time wisely and finish my homework on the bus. Progressively, my grades began to …show more content…
Communication is key to success in almost anything you do, especially when working with a team or a group of people. My sophomore year of playing school volleyball season, I recognized how important communication is when playing a team sport. I realized not only that I needed to communicate with my teammates but also with my coaches. I had made the commitment to go on a study trip to Washington D.C. with my youth group for church. It happened to fall during the same weekend that I had a volleyball tournament. I spoke with my coach about the situation. I told her in advance that I would be missing the dates of the tournament because of the study trip I was going on. My coach explained to me that I would not be able to start in the next game I was able to attend. When it came time for the game that I could not be at, I received a text from my coach asking why I was not there, I replied, saying that I was on my study trip with my youth group. She didn’t remember having the conversation about this. I had become aware that I should have said something to remind her that I was not going to be present at the tournament that weekend. Due to my lack of communication with my coach, my team was at a loss when it came time for the

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