Essay about Sports And Its Impact On Society

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When I think of sports, school and society I think of my childhood and how much sports played a part in success, failure and learning about the importance of teammates discipline and patience. Sports are a distraction from everyday issues and were an important part of my life that I will never forget. Sports in society were focused on men only and now women are starting to play a prominent role. Not only are sports important in everyday life, but also sports are a method to sustain society through economic gains. Sports such as football, basketball and baseball have a huge impact on society as the monies made from these competitive events are used to enhance the local economy and such as the construction of AT&T Park. Can improve neighborhoods by bringing big chain businesses and increasing the value of a neighborhood so that condominiums are built and sold for millions of dollars. I will delve into the impact of sports and society and discuss the wide impact a sport has had on my life as well as society.
As a young student I was diagnosed as being dyslexic. So what does that mean? Well dyslexia is a disability that challenges a person’s ability to read, write and understands what is taught not only in the classroom but also in the corporate world. So, you probably asking what does a learning issue have to do with Sports and Society? Well, as a dyslexic student I found my life through sports. My parents were always very active and preached the importance of sports and how…

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