Essay on Spirituality

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This paper is written to provide education about cultural diversity in the health care field. The goal was to investigate the faith beliefs of Baha’ism, Sikhism, and Buddhism, and compare their spiritual perspective on healing, as well as the critical components of healing. These were compared with Christianity to determine the similarities and differences. This will be reviewed to better educate caregivers as they minister to various cultures in the hospital and community.

Introduction Religious faith and beliefs of the patient must be integrated with the scientific medical care in order to provide holistic care to the patent. Religion and the health of individuals and populations play an important role in the social,
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Spiritual Healing Perspective The religion of Baha’i does not have organized clergy or weekly services. They do gather every 19 days for devotionals and fellowship, so this could be done in the hospital if the patient desired. They fast every March 2nd through 20th and this aspect may affect care. If someone of Baha’i faith were to be hospitalized during this time, there may be a conflict between the nutrition prescribed and the beliefs of the patient Baha’is believes that medicine and prayer and meditation are the important components in the healing of illness (Danesh, 2008).
Critical components of healing Baha’i Faith does not endorse any clergy; people can pray freely and make medical decisions based on teachings. The Baha’i Faith teaches that individuals must seek medical treatment from competent heath professional and open to accept modern medicine. Baha’is believes the dead body should be treated with respect because of the eternal soul. Patients from Baha’i Faith can be found in health care today. Baha’is heavily depends on God for their care and safety. Health professionals must provide a special attention while treating patient from Baha’is faith (British Broadcasting Corporation, 2009).
Important to these believers The fact that the major belief is that all people should come together and loves one another, means the Baha’is believe that care should come from compassionate and loving people who they can trust. Baha'is

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