Blue Cockatoo Effect

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“Beep beep beep!” The sound every student dreads . . . their alarm clock. Oh the suffering of being a college student lives on. The late night study session, the struggle to choose between sleep and their favorite show (Oh the dilemma), and not to forget the hanging out with the friends. An individual should retain at least 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep to be able to perform at his/her peak of awesomeness. Due to the lack of sleep, people may become fragile, maybe even have a few ants in their pants. People say that education is the key to a happy future, but they don’t describe the necessary presets to achieve academic satisfaction. Sleep being one of the assets needed to attain a blissful life. Receiving a sufficient amount of sleep can …show more content…
This individual’s exterior manner could be gloomier due to the fact that he/she did not retain the amount of sleep he/she desired. Furthermore, if one falls prey to an insufficient amount of rest, it can cause irregular mood swings and even depression. Those two facts are not even the worst of it. Once on an irregular sleep pattern occurs insomnia can arise. Difficulty falling sleep, staying asleep, and even fatigue during the day are a few side effects of the sleeping disorder insomnia. Lauren Friedman says, “Insomniacs are also twice as likely to develop depression” (Friedman, 2014). This is where the “slump” will start and only become worse as inadequate sleep continues. The most frightening problematic side effect from unsatisfactory rest is developing sleep apnea. Breath can become very shallow or may even stop breathing while one is asleep if this individual has the sleep apnea disorder. Not only can ineffective sleep influence an individual’s mood that day, it also can have a long term effect. Effects such as poor movement in the joints, and even weight loss (Czeisler, 2015). A 2014 poll study was done to find out how the absence of sleep could affect the day of people of the individuals loved ones. 23% of the family’s that were tested on their sleep said that their poor sleeping nights majorly effected their household, …show more content…
. . a student is in class with their hand rested on their check, while their eyes doze from shut to open, and in the snap of a finger their asleep. This student is missing valuable information that is being lectured in his/her class. The point is that when a student neglects their personal sleep to do other things in life, it hurts their learning ability. This doesn’t mean the student’s grade point average will suffer but they did however, miss a learning opportunity. Try and remember late night cram sessions? Well, a study was performed that “the more time a student skimped on sleep in order to study, the worse he or she did on the assignment or test. And this held true even after taking into account the total amount of time spent studying during the daytime” (Huffington, 2012). It is no secret that college students are the most deprived individuals when it comes to sleep. It is typical that a student will try to use the most of the allotted twenty-four hour period in a day for numerous amount of activities. The extra hours of late night studying for a test is not worth it at the finish line. The student ends up hurting themselves more as a result of staying up later to finalize a study session (Successful, 2012). “Sleep deprivation reduces vigilance - the capacity for sustained attention,” reveals Mary O 'Sullivan (O’Sullivan, 2013). Vigilance to the brain is better known as visual working memory. The procedure for this is straightforward. The

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