Speech On Creativity In School

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Creativity is often considered the amalgamation of all things that make us human. To some, it is the fundamental essence of living. However, many believe that schools today are killing that part of us. It’s something we have all heard, young or old, that education at it’s current state, wherever that may be, needs reform. Throughout countless reforms and changes, the United States has certainly incorporated creativity into schools, but they haven’t exactly done so successfully. At the two high schools I have been at, I have been at, I have seen the two prevailing attitudes towards creativity. It is a matter of application, do we apply creativity to all subjects, or do we limit it to the traditional “creative classes”. Schools by no means kill …show more content…
This is a great step in the right direction, but I feel as if it is not as successful as it could be. As students, creativity is not an option, but an expectation. But creativity requires a certain underlying trait that is unique to all of us, and it is passion. If passion is the fire that burns in us, creativity is the smoke billowing from that fire. Creativity is a direct product of our passion. Teachers often force students towards their own passions, while overlooking the student’s own will. It’s not something anybody can change, it’s human nature to urge someone to do what you love, but if a school does this collectively do a student it can be overwhelming. Without being passionate towards a subject, we cannot expect students to display creativity and going beyond. They will just do as they are told, creativity is not something that anybody parents, friends, or teacher alike can instill, but it is a product of their passion. Charles Bukowski, a renowned writer himself, would seem to agree. He puts it, “if it doesn 't come bursting out of you in spite of everything, don 't do it… it will do it by itself and it will keep on doing it”. It has to come, “out of your soul like a rocket”, and making that an expectation for all students is not the right way to integrate creativity in the

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