Personal Narrative: Attitude Changes Everything

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Attitude changes Everything
Simply take a moment to think about how your skills were when you first started reading. You probably weren’t the best at reading, but you had to learn to become better because you need reading in your everyday life. Do you remember learning how to pronounce a new word, and to read a complete sentence? Or the first time the teacher picked you to read out loud for the class? I know I was terrified of reading out loud and when all the students had to try. I would be sacred to mispronounce a word, and look foolish in front of my friends if I did. I would get so nervous; I would start to sweat. It wasn’t a good look for a cool kid in kinder. However, mispronouncing words were the least of my problem. Let’s just say
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Considering, I had the most amazing English teachers a student could ever have. My freshman English teacher changed a student who loathed reading into giving reading a chance. Just imagine the first day of school, going into English, you already have a mindset, about how things are going to go down. The teacher will stand up in front of the class and tell you how English is so important and the expectations of that class. To tell the truth, my first day was nothing like that. Actually, my freshman English teacher stood up from her desk and told the class, “This class isn 't going to be like your previous English classes. You will learn to love reading with my help, and if you haven 't by the end of this year, I have failed you.” As I heard this, I thought she was lying. Who could love reading? Throughout the class I learned she was right. The reason I started to love reading was because she gave us the ability to pick out books we wanted to read. Above all, one thing I will never forget about what she had taught me was “Never give up on a book just by reading the first page. Continue to read till the end of the first chapter to see if you will be interested in the book”. When we had to read together as a class, she chose books that were more on the teen category. In short, every book we read in that class, I would not stop reading till I finished the first chapter because I gave every book a …show more content…
Just because I have improved my reading skills doesn 't mean I 'm good at it and plus I still have so much to learn and fix the issues I face now as I 'm in college. I never think someone is great or the best at something there is always room for improvement, that is why I still try to practice on my reading skills to be in a point where I am satisfied with myself as a good reader. If I never changed my attitude on reading, I would have missed on so many amazing books. A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you’ll never go any where. That goes for everything in life, not just reading. Changing your attitude on a situation can have a huge impacted on your life. Having a positive attitude on reading has helped me a lot in my education as I mentioned. I wouldn’t have become the reader I am today, if I didn’t make that first

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