Spanking Is One Of The Worst Ways Of Disciplining A Child Essay

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My friend Christine believes that spanking is one of the worst ways of disciplining a child and that parents should never have to hit a child as a means of discipline. My mother thinks differently. According to her, Palo (spanking) or a physical punishment by a parent, as long as it is not excruciating, is a necessary form of punishment. I used to be one of those people that condoned spanking, not only because I was raised that way but also because I believed that spanking teaches a child to obey as well as to avoid future “misdemeanor.” I do not condone physical punishment anymore, and one of the reason is that it teaches children to lie when confronted. If an angry mom or dad is standing with a wooden stick or a belt and asks, “Did you do this?” Do you think a child would say, “Yes I did it. Please, spank me”? Of course not. So how can a parent expect children not to lie when they see a stick or a belt? I know I did.

Spanking also teaches a child to avoid getting caught. Just like my daughter who used to hide her sister’s things when they fight. It was useless to ask her because she would only say, “I don’t know.” And since I found no evidence that she did it, I could not punish her or spank her. She used to keep doing the same tactics to get even with her sister, and she had always managed to get away. “Spanking” tempts children to continue doing things they are not supposed to be doing as long as they are discreet about it. And as long as they do not get caught, they…

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