Spanking Children Essay

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People learn from generations that spanking children teaches them. Because children imitate their parents, there are different approaches to dealing with children that have behavior issues, Spanking children can affect a child in the future. I believe that all these things are key to parenting, good or bad parenting predicts the way your child handles many of life’s situations. Children learn from watching the actions of their parents. “children and adults who are empowered to understand how their responses to situations impact the world, taking ownership for their actions and reactions rather than blaming others”. This was a quote from Gwen M. article “tools to use in raising responsible children”. Children process information at an amazing …show more content…
Many times, the question has been asked to people who say, “I got spankings when I was younger and I tuned out just fine”. Well now the question is what the definition of turned out fine really mean. Are you happy in your life? Are you confident and motivated to take risks? Do you feel in charge of your life or at the mercy of other? Children and adults who are empowered to understand how their responses to situations impact their world, take ownership for their actions rather than blaming others. Hurd a sociologist says that “when their lives are not working they initiate the changes to improve their situation”.
Parents should not spank their children because children imitate their parents and how they handle situations, there are other actions of discipline to raising a responsible child, and how spanking a child can affect the child in the future are all reasons that back up my statement that people should not beat or spank their children for wrong behaviors. Instead take a different approach then what you were raised with. Talk to the child and see what made them react the way they did, ask for guidance if you cannot fully understand your child’s

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