Southwest Airlines : The Biggest Airlines Of Its Industry Essay

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Southwest Airlines is one of the biggest airlines of its industry. It flies to morethan 90 destinations in the United States. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the world has been more conscious about the earth and environment that we live in. An airline uses fossil fuels. This depletes the world’s resources, as well as, releasing harmful Carbon Monoxide into the atmosphere on a regular basis. Since American’s have become more aware of these hurtful environmental factors, Southwest had to be ready to make changes. One negative environmental worry with airlines is the incredible amount of pollution it causes. In recent years, Southwest has spent both time and money on “going green”. One thing Southwest has done is reduced its amount of green house gases, and increased its efficiency with fuel use. They have started numerous initiatives to support this. Firstly, they have slowly been renovating their planes with upgraded parts and systems. These parts reduce CO emissions, preserve fuel, and add overall better safety. Furthermore, this is strengthened by the addition of Winglets (a smaller sized wing) on their planes, adding a 2.5 percent increase in fuel efficiency. Southwest has even introduced the ‘Green Plane”. It uses recyclable materials, lightweight goods, reduced waste; all these helping greater fuel efficiency and lessening the harmful gases released into the air. These tactics help blunt these environmental factors. Moreover, they have been able to turn around…

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