Southwest Airlines : Low Rates, Excellent Customer Service, And The Employees

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Southwest Airlines have low rates, excellent customer service, and the employees go beyond the expectations of working. The company 's procedures and practices for the employee 's retention and low turnovers to improve the abilities of the employees and advance the employers to grow and sustain in the memento of the airlines.
Southwest Airlines compensation plans for their employees give them a lot of flexible plans and make them interested in the company to stay. These are medical coverage, dental, vision, and life insurance that is suitable for the airlines (Cimini, M. H., & Muhl, C. J., 1995). Example one, the medical coverage is good to have especially if the employee gets sick or goes into the hospital which covers due to the fact of insurance. The second example is the dental plan which also helps for example if you get a toothache or your gums swell. The third example is the vision plan which is good to use to get the employee 's eyes checked to make sure everything is in working order (Cimini, M. H., & Muhl, C. J., 1995). The compensation plan that was listed was appropriate for the Southwest Airline Company and gives the employee something to look forward to while they work there especially if they are married and have children. Having compensation plans like this makes an employee more interested in the company.
Southwest Airlines and Cisco Systems in both of the achievements in the enterprise 's goals and the fact in people want to work in. These two…

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