Sonia Sotomayor : Emotional And Commemorate Events From Her Childhood Through Adult Life

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In her memoir, Sonia Sotomayor expresses the emotional and commemorate events from her childhood through adult life that helped her become the persevered and intelligent woman she is today. At the age of eight, she was diagnosed with type one diabetes, which implicated that she had to learn over her childhood how to apply her insulin shots on her own. The parents were always arguing because the father was an unreliable alcoholic, and the mother a nurse who worked long hours. To avoid conflict between the parents, Sonia did the insulin shots by herself. At first, she didn’t understand the extremities and precautions of the disease and the reason why the family was so worried about her. This would change her lifestyle entirely and she would learn to live with it. Her book expresses these two themes; challenges in a minority community with a broken system, and the determination you need to achieve your goals. Sotomayor, a woman of strength. Living in a community with a profusion of danger and poverty, which initiated her motivation of wanting to become a lawyer some day. The events that contributed to her passion of helping others were the effects in which she would continue to strive for greatness in her life. The community is not the issue, the system fails the community and it creates problematic situations in which families have to grow up in. Furthermore, Watching the news one night, when a young woman was brutally raped and stabbed; thirty eight neighbors heard, but no…

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