Analysis Of The Song Monster By Skillet

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Everyone has a song that they feel outlines their entire life. I personally Have felt like the song “Monster” By Skillet Is my personal life song. The song is very upbeat and fast paced. Its lyrics include very descriptive metaphors to a “Monster” and how dangerous it is. In my opinion, the monster is an overall metaphor that calls to each listener differently. Whether it be addiction, mental illness, or bad decisions a person has made, the underlining metaphor is that we all have a monster of some sort. The music is very heavy and dark and is played this way to reinforce the thought that the “Monster” is a big problem and is very evil. Throughout the entire song it tells a small story as well. Towards the beginning of the of the song the …show more content…
I Have struggled with mental illness and have always felt that deep down I had, a monster inside me. Every bad choice I made I felt like I wasn’t in control. Every day I wake up and I constantly feel this “Being” Or this “Thing” Clawing deep down inside me and wanting to get out. The song Monster relates to me in the simple fact in that the lyrics describe exactly how I have felt my entire life. I must constantly hide my true self from everyone because if I let them see who I really am they will be scared by the monster that I truly am. My decisions in life to others would make me be considered a bad person. The first verse of the song highlights these feelings of mine.
The next verse of the song Is when the monster starts to try and get out. The music starts to pick up its pace and intensity. They do this in order to convey a feeling of urgency to the listener. This is in hopes that the listeners basic fight or flight respond will kick in and make the listener get hyped up and ready. This way the listeners will start to either enjoy the song because it now shifts gears and is trying to spark an emotionally connection to the band and paint the monster as the enemy. This way the listener starts to feel scared and possibly filled with adrenaline. Quoted from the

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