Solving Personal Problems With Personal Problem Essays

1693 Words Aug 27th, 2016 null Page
*Every person develops the ability to find a solution to a problem, nevertheless some people are better at solving non-personal problems than personal problem. When I evaluate my problem-solving ability I conclude that I am better at solving personal problems than non-personal problems. I believe its more difficult to solve personal problems, since those problems are personal and my feelings affect the solution, however I solve this kind of problem better because the solution will affect my life. Non-personal problems are easier to solve for me because, I can find a solution without overthinking. For example, if I am in a situation where my family or me can be affected by the decision I take to solve the problem, is more likely that I would take longer to find a solution because I will analyze every benefit and risk I am about to experience. In other hand, if the problem has nothing to be with me I would solve it without thinking too much. The process of solving a non-personal problem is easier and faster but it not always the best option to obtain a good solution. When I solve a problem I try to make sure I have correctly identified the problem in order to solve it the right way. Just like other human I do make mistakes, but I am really careful in this situations. Sometimes I am not able to identify the problem right away; I think this happen when I close my mind since I frustrate myself. It its harder to solve a problem if I have no idea of what the problem is. I believe…

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