How Does Julius Caesar Justify Their Actions

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Justifying Immoral Actions
Mistakes happen everyday, it’s just in human nature. Although, there are many people that would justify their “mistakes” as doing the right thing. Their brain supports their wrongdoings. Based on people’s personal beliefs and motivation, they justify their actions when they do things for the wrong reason.
An example of someone doing a wrong thing because of what they think is right is Marcus Brutus in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Brutus believes Caesar has the potential of becoming a danger for Rome and the citizens it inhabits. This can be reflected through Brutus’ statement, “If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer:--Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more” (Shakespeare Caesar III.ii). Although Brutus saw Caesar as an acquaintance, Brutus did not see Caesar as a competent leader of his beloved city of Rome. Caesar was Brutus’ friend, yet Brutus persuaded himself to overcome his friendship with Caesar to better his society since he saw Caesar as untrustworthy, even if the action of killing him was immoral. Brutus felt the power to overrule Caesar’s life based on his personal motivation of honoring his state. Brutus’ honorable behavior was an unacceptable
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Brutus believed he was defending the Roman citizens and the state of Rome, as well as recognizing that the ‘Roman people’ wanted a new leader. To add, an example of history that can be related to these immoral actions would be the Atlantic Slave trade in 1700 ancient Europe. Lastly, I have done things that I thought would justify my immoral actions. Even if a person tends to justify their actions for their own reasons, one will definitively decide what they believe is right and wrong based on their personal moral

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