Solar Energy Thesis Statement

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Thesis statement: The United States government should expand the use of solar energy.

Introduction: The United States has been debating using solar energy whether it is profitable or unprofitable.

I. Solar energy protects from environmental pollution.
A. Solar energy produces less amount of CO2.
B. Solar energy does not need raw materials.
II. Solar energy is a rational economic resource.
A. The cost of solar energy is cheaper.
B. Solar energy industries create jobs.
III. Solar energy is efficient.
A. Solar power is an infinite resource.
B. The weather is not affected by solar energy.

Conclusion: United States government should expand the use of solar energy because of benefits for the environment and money.

Solar Energy The United
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Solar energy produces less amount of CO2. According to the article, the solar energy produces and discharge 0.07 to 0.2 CO2E/kWh compared to the fuel coal, which releases between 1.4 and 3.6 pounds CO2E/kWh. (“Benefits”). The solar energy emissions are small. According to International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) such as manufacturing, operation of maintenance, and installations are at a minimum of emissions. Solar energy is silent. There is no moving machine to convert into energy. Solar energy does not produce raw materials. According to the article, the process of converting solar energy to electric or heated energy does not need other non-renewable energies that produce waste …show more content…
The most accessible converter of solar energy is solar panels and solar photovoltaic cells. The Photovoltaic converters convert straightly from solar light to electricity. According to the book, “A specialized category of solar cells that called the multi-junction or tandem cells are used in the applications which require very low weight and very high efficiencies such as the satellites and the military applications” (Encyclopedia). These things are used in the rooftop, spacecraft, and handheld calculators. According to the article, “The modern SQ Limit calculation is a maximum efficiency of 33% for any type of single junction solar cell. The original calculation by Shockley and Queisser was 30% for a silicon solar cell” (“Solar Efficiency”). This range is highly efficient and the effective percentage of starting the solar energy industries. The solar energy is an infinite resource. Even if the energy is loose, the vast amount of energy is heated by the sun every day. According to the scientist, “Every hour millions of kilowatts of solar energy hit the earth’s surface, which, if consumed, can altogether change the life of common man.” (Bhutta). The using of solar energy will also decrease dependency on the fossil fuel

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