Softball: It Is The Longest Day In Recorded History

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Sitting in class for what feels like forever, just staring, watching the clock tick. The day is dragging on. Thursday, May 28, 2015 feels like it is the longest day in recorded history. Time is moving slower than ever. I can’t stop thinking about how tonight Mohawk softball will be making history. I’m counting down the minutes to be dismissed from class and leave for the WPIAL Championship. With every passing minute my nerves grew more and more intense. Excitement is running through my veins. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be announced champions tonight. I am so confident in the way my team can perform that I know we will be successful. Finally, it is time for us to leave. The whole school is out in the hallway waiting. …show more content…
Walking on to the bus I feel like a million dollars, as if I could conquer the world. Pulling out of the school we all see a big road sign that reads “Good Luck Mohawk Softball at the WPIAL Championship.” The sign had been there for a couple days, but seeing it one last time before the game gives me a sense of pride I never felt before. The entire team was up on their feet, screaming, and laughing. We are all having a great time together. Then suddenly, I got this horrible sick feeling. Maybe it was the nerves coming back or maybe it was me getting a little carsick. I must find a way to calm down so that I feel better come game time. I immediately cover my head with my blanket and snooze the whole way to California University of Pennsylvania. At last, we arrive and I can get off the bus that once made me feel powerful but now makes me feel as if all that had been drained and thrown away. I walk over to my best friend, hoping she can help me calm down. I figured she would be the only one to make me smile; however, we both started shedding tears. I am normally not a very emotional person but today was different for all of

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