Society Should Not Be Targeting Children Essays

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We live in a society where everywhere you turn you are bombarded with the newest gadget, toy, or shoe that the advertisements tell you that you need to have. We our living in a society where large companies are trying to reach out to as many people as possible to buy their products. Children are no exception. Today’s youth is being exposed to advertisements in almost every aspect of their life, often times not even realizing that what they are looking at is an advertisement. The average child is exposed to approximately 40,000 advertisements a year, with the companies spending more than 12 billions dollars annually on marketing specifically at kids (Cooper, n.d.). Society should not be targeting children in advertising because overall it can negatively impact a young individual’s life and can ultimately leave long lasting damage that can stick with the person throughout their life. Children at ages as young as two or three see multiple advertisements everyday. Young children lack the ability to view advertisements skeptically, and thus they see advertisement as only a truth (Palmer 2014). Today advertising companies are making the advertisements seems fun, and bright to grab the child 's attention. Young children are just seeing the advertisement as further entertainment and are mindlessly watching them over and over agin. Although, some may say that it is good for children to be exposed to these advertisements, because it is making them more of a well rounded and…

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