Social Of Social Work Profession Essay examples

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“Social workers save just as many lives as doctors do.” Those are the words that a wise professor said at my sisters graduation at USC while she earned her MSW. Those words have been engraved in my mind because I firmly believe that social workers have the ability to not only change the world but save it as well. In addition, my understanding of the social work profession is that it is a service to humanity while assisting others and putting their needs before your own. It’s about social justice and making a difference in the underprivileged and vulnerable populations and dedicating your time to improve their lives and advocate for those who might not be able to do so for themselves. It’s about the worth of others, and understanding the value of every human’s life no matter their class, race, beliefs, or background. It’s about showing integrity by always staying honest and ethical while embracing compassion and competence. However, besides all that, the core values in the social work profession is being a agent for social change, fighting for what is right and just, protecting rights and defending the youth. It is being a leader with concern, empathy, values, and love. Additionally, those core values are the values I already have. I am concerned for the undeserved populations, I have empathy for the youth, I value everyones life, and I have love for all communities. In addition, I have been able to incorporate social work values and my personal qualities by the…

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