Social Networking And Its Effect On Society Essay examples

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In today’s world, social networking has affected millions of people. Social networking has become a significant effect in the world. Some view social networking as time consuming and dangerous because of the child predators and stalkers. There are others that use social media to connect with friends and family. Now some jobs require to apply for employment online instead of doing in paper like it use too. Therefore social networking can be view as good or bad, criminal or profession.
Facebook is one of the most common social network that is out there. Facebook is use to connect with friends and family all over the world just as any other online site. It also helps people that are shy to meet new friends and become friendlier. Many use Facebook other than Twitter, Instagram, and snapchat because it’s easy to control and also provides personal information. It comes in need when looking for long lost friend or looking for a date. Today, jobs are putting their applications online and doing most of their hiring through social networking. This makes it hard for people without internet and for those who don’t understand how social networking works.
In 2011, police officers joined the social network club, to find criminals and child predators. They used these sites to help solve crimes and alert the public. By doing this they help the public be aware of what’s happening and what to be in the lookout for. One of the reasons that it helps them solve crimes is because some blab about…

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