Social Media 's Impact On Society Essay

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Social media is found everywhere in the world now days and has shaped society. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are only a few examples. The amount of social media users on eight social media sites is over six million ( November, 2015), making social media a widely used source of communication. What impact social media has on societies all across the globe is major and varies between users. Social media impacts people in good and bad ways. Communication to family around the country is a major perk to social media’s ability, but harassment and creating what’s considered normal is a downfall.
Why I personally care about social media’s impact to society is simply because I am a user of many social media sites and am a part of society that is being warped into believing everything the internet says.
Social media is a concern for society, it shares views and ideas but it shapes what is the social norm and discriminates anyone against the norms. Theories that sociologists would put into place with the subject of social media include the idea of groupthink and how the social norms are created. Groupthink is the idea of how the majority of the population, in this case the users of social media, thinks one way. Social media allows people to talk about their ideas and beliefs about certain topics such as the idea of beauty and make others believe the same. Social norms, the pattern of a behavior that becomes the normal, are involved in social media on how…

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