Social Society: The Negative Influence Of Social Media

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In recent years, our lives have been accompanied by various technology that helps us in maintaining our daily lives. But these technology start to maintain our social life where social media plays their part. Social media allows people to connect themselves with others from around the world. People don’t have to worry about distance or time since social media only requires small amount of time to communicate with other in different places. Especially with smartphones, people have more flexibility to communicate where they are able to communicate anywhere and anytime they want. One of the reason why people now prefer social media is that unlike traditional method, social media can overcome restrictions of social contact where
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Social media offers a freedom of communication, but the freedom may not be as benefit as we expect since people tend to use social media inappropriately. The social media isn’t different from our real life world where social issues may still exist, but social media makes social issues become much more “intense” or serious where they should be a piece of cake, but thanks to social media, the issues become much more complicated. People tend to take social media more seriously that they should that only troubles. This indicates that social media is a “double-edged sword” whether it is a good technology or another technology that distracts people. Thus people should be cautious in using social media.
The presence of social media indicates the replacement of the traditional social contact. This enables people to communicate easily, but this doesn’t mean there will always be advantages in the replacement. One of the thing that most people fear about social media is that it degrades the social skill. Ehmke explains that the social media may degrades kids’ social skill as she
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However, this drives people to remove face-to-face contact and replace social media as their primary social contact means. Social media is very dangerous that most people will use it to escape from reality. As in social media drives people to avoid real social life where people meet face-to-face, instead they use social media to cover their true identity and make a new one that may not reflect their true one in order to have a better social life which is not a good one.
Ehmke adds that social media has another problem, hyper connection. Hyper connection can be derived in stalking. As social media doesn’t have any restriction, people are able to observe random people whether the person is suitable for him or herself. Stalking is generally considered bad since it the person may become agitated towards the person they want to hangout and they will feel lonely without that

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