Social Media Is A Valuable Part Of Society

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Today’s world is revolutionized by technology and social media. Majority of social media sites were used by kids and teens but now as people are becoming more tech savvy, it is being used by adults as well. While some may say that social media is bad, this statement is not 100% true. Overall I believe social media is a valuable part of society. There are actually many skills that we can attain through social networking, as well as the ability for people to connect with family & friends around the world. In fact social media is even used by businesses, police, and news broadcasters to advertise important information. There are so many different types of social media sites that everyone’s needs can be accommodated. Social media can teach us …show more content…
As a college student myself, staying close with friends and family back home is very important. Thanks to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many other sites, staying in the loop and caught up on all the latest gossip is made easy. You can send messages on Facebook or Twitter, and get a response quickly from wherever you are. A perfect example would include having a friend traveling abroad. Text messages can get costly overseas, so in the blink of an eye, a chat can be started on a social media site rather than waiting for that special someone to come home from their travels. Alongside that, people uses these social media sites to find roommates for college and even rekindle lost friendships. Throughout our life we go through a lot of change but thanks to technology and the resources we have, at the touch of a button we can relive, reconnect, and restart friendships and memories. In addition to connecting family and friends, social media helps businesses advertise. You can find advertisements for businesses on almost any social networking sites. Using social media for a company is very cost effective and time efficient. Staying connected is important to improve your business relationship, and keep your company running properly. LinkedIn is a popular social media site used by business related users for networking and other benefits. It

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