Essay On Benefits Of Social Media

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Over the course of the last two decades the use of social media has skyrocketed with over 72% of all online US adults, visiting Facebook at least once a month and Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day, that’s 6 new profiles every second. The benefits that social media could have on society has been overlooked and overshadowed by an uneducated view of the medium. Social media has benefited society because it provides immediate help during a crisis, because it can be used to monitor mental health, and because it promotes positive change within countries. Furthermore, social media can have a positive impact on society and ultimately benefit more people than it harms.
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As social beings, humans tend to get a slightly, depressed or crazy when they cannot talk to friends and family in person. In the Frontiers in Psychology’s June 2015 issue they state “Facebook use can be beneficial when used to enhance exchange and engagement within existing relationships” (Rae et al.). So we don’t necessarily have to interact with people that are close to us face to face to reap the benefits. Not only can it be beneficial, these interactions could save a life. In the Journal, Issues in Mental Health Nursing, Volume 34 Issue 1 they state “Over one-third of college freshmen reference stress on their Facebook profile, and one-quarter of college students display references to depressive symptoms, with 2.5% meeting criteria for major depressive disorder” (Egan et al.). Over a quarter of all college students’ could be suffering from depression, which happens to be the leading cause of suicide. How do these students reach out for help? Well, most do not, but what they might do is wright a status on their Facebook page, where hopefully one of their friend’s will then be able to reach out to them and offer support. Social media has also helped to reduce the stigmas surrounding learning disabilities, and mental health, which prevent some people from reaching out for help. For Deontological based ethics “human life is inherently valuable and precious, demanding respect from others and reverence for oneself. Hence, suicide is wrong because it violates our moral duty to honor the inherent value of human life, regardless of the value of that life to others or to the person whose life it is.” (Cholbi). Each life is sacred and should be preserved and the use of social media can help prevent this loss of the

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