Positive Effects Of Social Media On Mental Health And Well-Being

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In our day and age, social media has a strong effect on people on how they may act, their wellbeing, or their mental state of mind. Society today has many different examples of social media with people of all ages using things such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, etc. The Internet itself is and was a giant network of networks designed to share information and communicate with others People use social media in a variety of ways such as to express opinions/beliefs, receive information, or to keep in touch with people far away. However, the way they interact with these different types of social media could have an effect on them positively and/or negatively. In the US alone, people spend an average of 7.6 hours a month using social media with the majority of users under 30. They might use this for entertainment, battle boredom while waiting for that doctor’s appointment, or for teaching purposes. By accessing social media so frequently, individuals could be subject to social media addiction. People who access social …show more content…
One common theme is that social media tends to affect people’s mental wellbeing. Although there are some positive aspects of social media, we have to ask ourselves, does social media do more good than harm?

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