Social Media Importance

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To see the importance of social media has impacted the world today, one must look at the History, Impact, Internet use, Use of technology, and the Future.
Social media all started with the internet boom. By the time the 1980’s rolled around, more and more people started buying home computers, which made social media more practical (Hendricks). Six Degrees was the first social media site. (Hendricks). It was constructed in 1997 (Hendricks). It made it so the occupier could make a profile and make new friends (Hendricks). Other sites included would be,, and (The History). was established in 1997 (The History). later followed in 1999 (The
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Dr. Keith Hampton is a professor for communications at the University of Pennsylvania and the principle author of the Pew Research Study “Social Networking Sites and Our Lives” (Dellner). “While the digital age is still relatively new and its impact on relationships is still evolving, the current data is both consistent and surprising” says Dr. Hampton (Dellner). Users of social media and phones tend to have more adjacent relationships as well as more diversification in these adjacent relationships than people who don’t use social media (Moynihan). Social media definitely has an impact on our feelings and emotions. Social media and technology doesn’t automatically mess up our lives, but it definitely does compose an impact on how we as a mortal person show our feelings and emotions in the course of direct communication, instead of using instant messaging (Moynihan). Technology and social media don’t just affect our feelings and emotions but it also impacts the social aspects in our lives. Social media has negative and positive impacts on our social aspects. The improvement of a youth’s social aspects can be largely impacted due to the inadequate amount of substantial life social encounters they don 't engage in (Moynihan). A lot of schools use electronics and social media to teach their students. At such a young age, kids should be learning and communicating with a pencil and paper or their voice, not their finger and an IPad. Social media and technology just don’t have an impact on kids but also adults and very many teens. I mean parents are starting to buy their kids IPhones when they are in 2nd and 3rd grade! That’s way too young for an IPhone, an IPod is fine but not a phone. But the positive thing is that they are learning not just playing games. They are progressing really fast and that is very good. Our lives are greatly impacted by social media. 92.8% of 20-24 year olds use technology while studying at college (Moynihan).

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