Introduction To Media Literacy

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Nowadays, we are living in the information society, and social media is immersed in our lives. Everyone can access the internet wherever they are, along with getting a lot of information through social media. It allows people to know information about all over the world. Many companies and organization use social media as a strategy to spread their products or beliefs because it is not too much to say that social media is the hard core of our lives. Therefore, people should learn and understand the media literacy, which is “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media messages of all kinds” stated by “Introduction to Media Literacy”, to live the social media situated world in order to utilize social media effectively in the situation such as business, education and daily life.
When it comes to business, thesedays social media have been offering companies various changing. Because of the prevalence of the internet, companies tend to be borderless on the earth in terms of advertisement, and they can transmit whatever they want nationwidely to the audience using social media. Internet removes timelike and spacelike boundary. People are accessible to the internet at any time, and they can be audience on any topic as long as information is on the
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According to “Internet and Higher Education” SNSs appear to be in the life, including education, and 60% of students talk about their something they need to do for class using social networking. As a result, some schools are accepting SNSs as educational tools. (M.D. Roblyer 135) Surely, more and more schools must be going to utilize SNSs for students higher education. Therefore, students need to know about media literacy because it helps them to enlarge critical thinking, and to take place in media immersed education actively. They can collaborate with other students on SNS, they would likely to analyze and evaluate

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