Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On Businesses

1033 Words Dec 4th, 2014 null Page
In order to make businesses convenience, the human have been the innovation of the different tools from long history. For example, the currency, vehicle, and many other tools. After Twenty-first century beginning, the world has entered the Internet age. Many useful new technology tools have been invented to make human life more convenient. This situation leads to increasing number of managers of businesses try to use new technology tools including social media to help to boost their businesses, the influences of social media for businesses have found, especially for small businesses.
Recently, large number of enterprises use social media to enhance their businesses because it has many benefits for businesses, especially for small businesses. First of all, many businesses use social media for advertising. Using social media to attract more consumers is better way than using tradition advertisement. The group that has the same goal or interest on social media, such as Facebook, they can easily realize the brand value by interaction with group activities and agree with the group in social environment. The company or a brand can provide these groups, but mainly by the consumers themselves operation (Zauner & Koller, 2012, RAE: Revista De Administração De Empresas, p689). It leads to the higher cost-effectiveness for business to enhance their attracting of brand. Secondly, enterprises can use social media to collect information and evaluate them. In Communication of The ACM,…

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