Essay on Social Media And Its Effects On Society

1697 Words Dec 1st, 2016 7 Pages
As society has progressed over the years, social media and smartphones have become a major part of everyday life. Karen Sternheimer in her book titled Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture states, “Love or hate social networking, it is here to stay. Online platforms have become central in many people’s lives, not replacing offline contact by any means, but they are integral communication for work and socializing” (63). The internet, specifically social media has become a part of society and everyday usage. It has helped with advancement and progression in general. Essentially, the use of social media will only gain more usage instead of people losing interest. The advancement of technology and access to the internet has lead to a prevalence in social media. Although there are numerous benefits from social media, cyberbullying is a downside and has detrimental psychological effects on its users. There are numerous benefits from social media usage. One benefit, that most people find necessary, is using it as a means of communication. Social media has become an outlet where one can communicate instantaneously with another person or many people. One thing that has helped drastically popularize social media, is the usage of cell phones. There is easy access to social media through apps. Like a majority of people use social media, a majority of people own a cell phone. Another benefit from social media usage involves the factor of advancing businesses. Businesses…

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