Should The Legal Penalty Be For Cyber Bullying Essay

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What Should the Penalty Be For Cyber Bullying? Cyber bullying has become an increasing debate over the last several years. This type of bullying is brutal because the person that is bullying another can do it anonymously and it can be difficult to track who is committing the crime. But when cyber bullying occurs what should the penalty be? There should be criminal charges given to those that commit cyber bullying. Not only should they receive criminal charges but having federal laws against cyber bullying will be able to stop this brutal and unnecessary hate on the internet.
Over the last decades the access to electronics and the internet has increased substantially. Now you do not have to wait to get home to use the computer or even wait
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Just like bullying in school, these people will attack another person but instead of it being physical abuse it is emotional and social abuse. In a recent study researcher found that 42 percent of children in the United States have been bullied online at one time or another, and at least 53 percent of children have been the one to bully another person online (Asad 83). This means that over 50 percent of the children in the United States and knowingly and intentionally causing harm to another person. With numbers like this there is no denying that there is a problem in the country that needs to be controlled. There needs to be a line between when free speech is acceptable or not and in this case a federal law to prevent cyber bullying is the resolution. Over the last several years suicide rates have increased due to cyber bullying. The emotional turmoil the is placed on the victim will cause them to blame themselves for the abuse, they will feel hurt, worthless, and can even cause them to become depressed, this depression is what causes many of these victims to commit suicide (Morrow …show more content…
In California if a student is charged with bullying another person using online sites the student will be expelled from school (Kralik). However there is no federal laws in place that criminal charges will be filed against the person that committed the act. In addition cyber bullying is only written into the code of conduct for the school, but does not protect those that are not part of the school district. With this said, there needs to be a law that is the same for all States and schools within the United States that will give fair but strict penalties to that that bully others through the internet. Cyber bullying cannot be treated the same as physical bullying. This type of bullying is extremely phycological and need to be treated as a completely different case (Grigg

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