Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Some students post highly inappropriate content such as pornography on social media. This has defeated the entire purpose of the medium altogether. Social media is very effective for students to make friends and advance their education; however, there are numerous disadvantages as well. The true challenge lies in addressing these issues and ensuring that the benefits can create the necessary impact. The perspective from the research completed by
Chou et al. (2009) states that in some cases students are aware of the possibility of some tutors developing false internet accounts for the purpose of spying on them. This might be highly beneficial for the faculty of the school; however, this could violate the students’ privacy. It becomes the responsibility of the college student to select what to update via social media. However, others have started immersing themselves in stressful circumstances since they post content on the internet that is deemed inappropriate by the school. A learner may expose their personal life and might risk expulsion in severe cases.
The internet has become a network that enables people to have the ability to become a different persona. This medium has become an easy way for people to escape their reality and create a modified image of themselves online (Madden, 2012).
Albury and Crawford, (2012) stated in their study that the online persona of a person should not have as much of an effect as it currently does. If the online persona of the student was…

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