Digital DNA: Teenage Could Be Vulnerable?

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Digital DNA: Teenage could be vulnerable
Syed Rabius Shams
Let’s face a Facebook chat between a teenage boy and girl. ….. Boy: Hi, are you engaged? Girl: Excuse me, why do you ask this type of question, may I know. Boy: Otherwise I’d like to approach. Girl: approach for what? Boy: I’ve scanned your profile, like it and would approach you for affairs…. This is an existent Facebook conversation that I have had experienced. Not only for such kind of affairs but also teenage browse other profiles for making new Facebook friends that they have got invitation. Besides teenage, people visits others profile for various purposes. Some of the cores modes are the groom or bride’s profile in settle marriage and in starting a new business, partners or
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And it’s totally depends on individual’s personal choice and priority. Now a day nothings are being hidden for the sake of social media network either the very personal issue better known as privacy or the family issue. Thus writing of this article is to focus on social content of individual perspective which is by way of Digital DNA focusing teenage.
Teenage are sometimes even don’t care about their social content. In social media platform, the users have full freedom. Though this type of freedom may bring harm, they are not aware of. As teenage are fervent of social media, they are not conscious of social content nor are they attentive of government rules and regulation. Conversely, people sometimes use fake id and specially hide their relationship status. For instance of negative impact, consciously or unconsciously sometimes people posts some anti-government issues thus harassed. Sometimes social media sites could be hacked, the proprietor could be blamed and could be blackmailed thus suffers a lot. Teenage emotionally posts on their timeline some of their relationship’s photo on the Facebook wall nevertheless if the affair breaks, what would be on their fate, can we think of our own son or daughter or sister perspective? What they posts go viral and other people may have bad intention by saving it to their
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As some parents are not even aware of uses of Social media, thus they can’t monitor what their children are doing for the social content and nor they can forbid their children for any abuse. I am not opposing teenage uses of internet or social media sites but to give a reminder of social content. In this circumstance, parents or guardians should take care of their children about the social media uses. School teachers could come forward awaking their students about the pros and cones of digital indentify. Government and Development organizations should start thinking of the issues on priority basis. Some comprehensive researches are in need of taken on the above issue by research entities. So it is the high time to campaign on awareness of uses of Social Media for school going students. Days are coming easier though increasing the cyber threat. Days are not far way, when for scrutiny or security reason, it would a mandatory to check people digital DNA for all purpose. So, teenage should be careful for their social content from the beginning of the uses of Social Media. The writer is a Freelance Journalist and CEO of Ra’dia Media Inc. He can be digitally reached at

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